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Hello everyone my name is vetah I'm from Mauritania,i would like to know how you can help me to solve my problemI have three inventor of the brand schneider XW6048 the three inverters broke down when I open them to inspect the failure I find there is a circuit in the main board is broken see attached picture


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    Have you contacted Schneider?

    That's awful dusty for the inside of an inverter. Even if they are left outside they should be inside a reasonable environment with some air filtration. I live on a dust road and my inverters have always lived outside and are not as dusty, though they are in a box with air filtration.

    A layer of dust insulates electrical components not allowing them to cool as expected. If they can't be put in a less dusty environment. Some companies make sealed units. I know Outback for one does...
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    Hi vetah,   welcome to the Forum,

    It is a bit difficult to see,   but,   it looks that the device,   circled in red,   has its top blown off,  or incinerated.   It looks like it is/was an IC.

    If the above is generally correct,   this is often caused by massive overvoltage,   or over-current.

    There a number of  things that can cause this type of situation.   Perhaps  Lightning (?).

    Just some guesses,   good luck,   Vic

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    Three phase power or 3 XW's ?  I would doubt where you are, that you are close to service? I would doubt even more if there was a source of parts there for someone who was skilled and knew the part numbers. You can click on the link to Schneider solar who sell the XW's you have below. Good Luck!

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    Hey Vitah,

    I'm dealing with that problem. That component is a step down DC/DC converter. It's rated for 76v, and steps battery voltage down to five volts. The part number you need is  (MAX5035BUPA+) its a IC REG BUCK 5V 1A 8DI. You might want to check the Mosfet PN (FQP19N20)  and its driver PN(UC3845AD8TR) IC REG CTRLR MULT TOPOLOGY 8SOIC to see if they're OK too.

    Check the inductor (Marked 101, 100uH) right in front of the converter and the Diode ("D19")

    I've got two boards that blew the same components.

    Good Luck!


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    Hey Vetah

    Here's some info on that blown part.


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    that whole board is the control board...or logic board...thats where the memory and firmware are

    usually schneider will not sell you a new control board...I have tried, but they might sell over seas if you are isolated enough

    inverter service center might have one....they are located in Whitehouse Tennessee them
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    Ok I read some the comment, yes thats an ic max5035b that can be replaced with some other component in the circuit as well. Got it done to mine.

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    Hi good day, I have the same ic that get burn 
    I just order back one , but can you tell me if when you replace your bad one  did the inverter work 
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