Q: Why would you want to allow your wind turbine to free spin?

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Looking up brake info, I see options on the brakes.
Why would free spin be an option? I read free spin happens when loads are missing and the battery is overvoltage; which could result in the destruction of the turbine.

Switch Positions:

  • Up -- Turbine is connected to the battery or rectifier. (Switch is closed)
  • Middle -- Turbine is fully disconnected, free spinning.
  • Down -- Turbine wires are shorted together. Brake is on.


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    Maybe so you can work on it with circuits open, check to make sure it spins with no load, etc?
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    Kind of what I was thinking, a neutral gear of sorts, to test the bearings without load or brake.
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    A lot of double pole double throw switch have a middle position where they are off...

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