SunPower Inverter Issue

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We have a Sunpower System, The inverter is issuing an error message and is not producing. The message originally said update complete and now it says Electr Arc detected, the second message is check DC converter and the red warning light is on.  I thought it may be a firmware update but Sun Power said there were no recent firmware updates. Sunpower said wait 24 hours to see if it starts producing and if not call a dealer and pay for a service call . The system is less than two years old. Anyone have a similar problem with a Sunpower System? 


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    It might be advantageous to you to ask this question at also.

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    Cycle DC & AC power off and see if it resets itself, does your owners manual cover any error resolution ?
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    Thank you for the comments, we did reset the system and now the update complete message is gone but I still have the red warning light and the  Electr Arc detected and Check DC Converter message. From what I read the message could be

    Arc-faults in PV systems may be the result of faulty components, installation errors, or mechanical damage and aging occurring after installation. Some common examples for arc-fault causes include:
        » Damaged, pinched or abraded conductors.
        » Loose or separated connections or terminations.
        » Cracked or corroded solder joints in modules or other components.

    However what has me perplexed is the original Update complete message and  also our system is under two years old
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    It looks like time to call the installer. Depending on where you are located there should be warranty. Arc faults on SMA inverters are common if you search. I think that Sunpower just stamps their name on an SMA. They are very nice modules!
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    Yes, I have called to have it looked at and from what I can tell all the connections look good. It is a Sunny Boy SMA converter.
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