Two inverters?

I have a 300/400 watt inverter. It draws about .40 amps in standby . I just bought a 2000/4600 inverter. It draws over 1.3 amps in standby. The big one will be used for coffee and toast. How many of you run two inverters. The small one runs the tv/entertainment center. And the fridge if needed.
 Thanks in advance 
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  • westbranchwestbranch Solar Expert Posts: 5,183 ✭✭✭✭
    I have my place wired into 2panels,  the large Inverter will be for the well pump, and washer /dryer when we get them in place... right now the 1500W inverter runs everything else. Idea is to have minimal draw on the batteries in winter
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    Being mobile it makes sense to use a smaller inverter for overnight loads, the self consumption adds up quickly, limited battery and charging real estate are reasons to go that route.
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    I run a small (300w 12v) PSW inverter at night for lights, radio, etc. It will even run pumps for infloor radiant heating. In daytime I run a pair of 3500w Outbacks in a master/slave stack for water/septic pumps, tools, etc. Coffee is propane stove and french press, but toast is electric now :-)
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    I don't run 2 inverters, but it was a definite consideration.  Going really crazy, I wonder if I could stack 2 inverters, a 300W and pair it with my XW - which might be adjustable enough for Grid Assist (since it will do generator assist)  I don't know if it will "sleep" enough to be worthwhile.  So I just upsized, rather than deal with potential failures and unhappy wife
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    I'm still considering this for my summer camp. My "big" inverter (1500 watts) to run everything but the fridge and a 3-600 watt psw for that load alone. So far the fridge has not complained about msw power after two months of continuous operation.
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    Thanks for your thoughts all. I think I will setup two inverters. Looks like it's contactor time.
    Boondocking is my game
    640 Watts Mono Bogart TM2030 and SC2030  Controller GC 6V 208 AH  Costco batteries  300 Watt Inverter and 2000 watt inverter 100AH LIFEPO4 2P4S
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