Kill-A-Watt Meter Just Paid for Itself

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Doing some checking around the house with my new Kill-A-Watt Meter and I found that the entertainment cabinet was using just over 40 watts with everything turned off. So I traced it down to this DirecTV device which I think is a signal booster or something to do with HD. Anyway I'm trying to find some way to power it down without making the DirecTV box from rebooting which takes several minutes. Thanks Kill-A-Watt.

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    It puts DC power on the TV cable going to the sat dish to power the LNA (lo noise amp) on the dish
     How long does it take to reboot the dish ? Do you have to make a phone call to re-authorize the box each time you reboot ?
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    No phone call, just have to wait 3-5 minutes while the box does the download. Thanks for the explanation of this device.
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    When we take our DirecTV box on the road we always kill the power to it when not in use. The standby (off) power consumption is a load we couldn't tolerate in the solar powered 5th wheel. Booting it up really didn't seem to be much of an annoyance. As you mention it only takes a few minutes.

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