Have i stuffed a new Battery



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    Hopefully most of what was removed was water, being that if over filled, the lower density water would be on top, closely monitor the SG, if required, adjust the SG by adding electrolyte, which can be found at battery suppliers, but be careful to not add too much, fully charge, with gassing before taking readings, don't rush the process, it may take a few days to stabilize. In retrospect it would probably have been better to leave  the cells slightly high and let the levels drop naturally , since they were at the maximum temperature, but it's always easier being an armchair player. Don't under any circumstances rush any corrective adjustments, these things take time, if over corrected remove some electrolyte and add water, this process is difficult if a daily load is present, as the SG changing on a daily basis. What else can I say,  but good luck. mike95490 said:
    What you removed from the batteries is acid mix, and should be returned to them at the next filling.  If you "tossed" it out, you have thrown away some capacity by reducing the acid inside the cells.

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