This is what a solar vehicle can do!

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An Indian man built a solar vehicle and he will use it to travel from India to the UK. By doing that, he wants to demonstrate the importance of green transportation. The vehicle can run 16 miles after 5 hours of exposure to the sun light and 50 miles when charged for 8 hours. The total distance of the trip is nearly 6,230 miles.
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    Ummm, based on the statement in the post, maybe you should edit your statement to "This is what a solar vehicle might do".

    Once he actually gets to the UK, it's an accomplishment.  Right now it's hype.
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    Already been done on a shorter trip (something like 800 miles round trip) using a VW camper van.

    I believe they got 30-50 miles per day.      The article has a lot of detail about exactly what components, pricing, and problems during the build process.

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    I remember trying to explain some things to that guy. He was using charging stations and I think he seriously over estimated his range off solar, amount of energy the panels would supply, etc...
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