It's July; will the 30% tax credit end as the Winds of Change hit in Jan. 2018?

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Lots going on in my little world.  My solar project has all the equipment, wire sizes, and materials for a 4.5kw ground array, but the time required to get it finished has been short.  With a 93 year old mom, 3hrs. away from me, having needs that splatter any normal planning schedule, I've got to get this investment project up and charging!

My question has to do with being sure I'm complete before any changes come to reduce the 30% tax credit I'll use to bring the system to a net zero cost as I'll be providing all but the electrician's certification work.  Do you know if any changes/deadlines in the solar tax credit laws are coming?

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    Could very well happen with the Congress working to a new tax bill.
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    Seriously doubt they will change a standing legislation that is popular... though who knows. Even less likely as it now has a sunset/reduction of credit in place. 

    The current standing on the solar energy tax credit is for it to be reduced in 2020, here is what appears to be an accurate chart of the reduction phases;

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