Xantrex Prowatt 600

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I just installed the Xantrex Prowatt 600 in my rv.  The display shows voltage correctly but display's 0.00 watts even when watts are being used to run items off the inverter.  How I can get the inverter to display the watts that are being used?  Thanks for responding.  


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    What voltage is showing?
    What AC loads are connected?
    Do you have a shorepower transfer switch?
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    How much power do you think you're using? I have a Prowatt 600, and it reads 0.00 when attached to a 70-watt load (70 watts as shown on a Kill-a-Watt -- this was an incandescent light bulb marked 75 W). A 137-watt load shows as 0.10 (units are kilowatts so that means 100 watts). I like the inverter, but mine definitely reads low.
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    I was using a fan on low speed which read 81 watts on my Kill-A-Watt [email protected] .65 amps.  I guess mine reads low like yours.  Thanks for posting.
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    Fans are inductive loads. They will read more amps (volt amps) than they read watts. Because of low power factor.

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    Sure. But I observed the same behavior with incandescent light bulbs, which are purely resistive loads.
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    The indicated value is just a rough guide, not an accurate indication, for accuracy, precision measurement needs to be conducted, but why bother if it works. 
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    Agreed. Now that I know that it consistently reads low, I can mentally adjust if necessary. And if I need real precision, I can check with a bona fide voltmeter.

    Still, it makes me wonder why the meter on a $180 piece of equipment is so much less accurate than a $5 multimeter. Hopefully the money that they saved by cutting corners on the meter, went into improving the actual inverter in some way :-)

    I do like the inverter and it's easy enough to guess at the voltage once you know that it reads low. But it was disconcerting at first -- perhaps like the OP in this thread, the way-low readings made me wonder if the inverter was defective. I did a fair amount of bench-testing when I first got it in order to make sure it actually worked -- the meter readings really are low enough to make you question whether the thing is working.
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