Delay start on the AGS-N for diesel

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Just wondering if there is a delay for glow pugs to heat a diesel in cold, IE closing the circuit for 20 secs then closing the start?? just a thought as shed temps will get -15. If not will have to man start..
Any thoughts or custom build switch??
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    A time delay relay such as the one attached has many options, inputs types, voltages and so forth. They are extremely reliable and versatile, have used them extensively in industrial controls.
    A diesel backup generator in a grid system would conventionally have a block heater which negates the need for glow plugs. If you are without grid power the need to preheat with glow plugs would be essential at -15° F or C ???. Some diesels, direct injection type, don't have glow plugs but intake heating grids but essentially do the same job. At such low temperature it would be advisable to add to that a warm up cycle, so as not to run cold under load. If unheated the diesel fuel can gel especially at temperatures below -20°C with #1 winterized fuel, to add to that the start battery will loose capacity, the list goes on. What is it you propose to do? These are shots in the dark.
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    IMO, any generator (or engine) benefits from a warm up cycle.    Oil just doesn't lubricate well below ~140F.  I'd also use synthetic oil with a wide viscosity range.

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    I think Magnum AGS have a preheat relay for glow plugs, also warm-up and cool-down cycles.
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