Power Inverter to AC breaker box connection. Please help!

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Trying to find out the correct way to hook my AC output of my power inverter to an AC breaker box. From what I have seen you need a special output on ur inverter. Any knowledge would be appreciated!!


  • westbranchwestbranch Solar Expert Posts: 5,183 ✭✭✭✭
    ??  My 1,500W inverter has a spot to connect some 10 AWG house wire and screws to clamp down and then I needed a strain relief device as used in any 'octagon' box...  hth
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    What about grounding? The inverter and AC breaker box can't be on the same ground can they?
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    The inverter and it's AC sub panel have a common ground.
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    What make/model of inverter? The manual should cover grounding and neutral bonding, it's not always the same for every inverter.
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