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Ok, here we go. I'm totally off grid. PV array with backup generator.  Currently 24v, 4-  L16 batteries. 1 outback 2500w inverter currently connected. Another 2500w Outback inverter just inherited, but not connected in yet. 2 thinks:

1. I just inherited an electric golf cart with 6-6v deep cycle batteries =36v. Can I use these batteries as another backup power supply,  can they be tied to the current home system to Increase battery power? I also want to charge these batteries with my pv system. Can it be done? Probably,  Would I need a separate charge controller? Or would it be a totally separate system?

2. I want to add in hydro power, but everything  and my electrician friends say you have to have X amount of drop and blah blah blah, but I just want a slow trickle ,constantly charging my batteries,  I have a small 6" Pelton wheel assembly,  so if I add a small DC generator and a separate charge controller, can It be possible, same with a small wind generation.  Just need separate charge controllers for each input, right? I'm not looking to power a city , just a house and small shop. 


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    1, will be a separate battery bank, but might be charged from you charge controller, but we don't know your charge controller, some will do 36 volt systems, some won't. I'd check to see how old they are and if they have been maintained. Likely it's not worth the effort, but if newish you might ...

    All that bla, bla, bla is important to know what if any energy you can generate. Laser levels and a stick will make this easier to figure out today, than having to use a transit.
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    Inherited?  Well better run right out and spend some of your money now  and check out the state of those 'free' batteries before you run off and buy another Charge Controller , ps if you want  24 volt and 36 volt battery banks you WILL need 2 controllers.. and 2 inverters... more to come

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    I really, really wanted to do hydro, but I don't have the height differential to make it work with my flow.   When it's raining, there is plenty of flow,  but no height.  For hydro, you need both.
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    @mike95490- me too. Kinda like having amps but at too low voltage to be useful.
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