Solar CHarge Controller Question- shows fully charge when not.

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I have purchased 2 solar charge controllers on Amazon- and both have failed. I have 3, 100 watt panels wired at 12 volts. And I have 3 100AH AGM batteries. 

The last charge controller I bought - kept showing my batteries as fully charged, green light and stopped charging- however the battery bank was at 11.9 volts-- fully charge should be near 13 volts. So I bought another 30AMP solar charge controlerr- followed directions and when I connect the battery it shows FULL 100% CHARGE.. I check my battery with my meter- and seperate elec gauge and both show 11.9.

Any ideas? I am a newby at this- but it is a simple hookup- every charge controller I try- shows my batteries at FULL charge and stops charging, but when I check with a meter- the batteries are near dead at 11.9.


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    Are your solar panels hooked up and it's indicating fully charged?

    Inexpensive charge controller can only have a voltage based reading of State of Charge. While charging the voltage is likely above the voltage representing fully charged (12.7 volts). Just ignore the light. If you have a meter you can measure the voltage with the solar panels connected and without and see the difference.

    ...someone made the brilliant statement that to fix the charge controller, just put a piece of tape over the light that indicates fully charged!
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    With automatic voltage detection always hook the battery first, then solar. Are there any setting menus, you might have to set these to your particular battery type, it may have a low default to prevent damage as not all battery voltage requirements are the sams, just some thoughts.
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    Are your batteries New?, Old?, Toast?

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