Lining a new battery box

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I just built this pretty new box for our new setup at a cabin.  I'm at the point where I need to line the box with something in case of spills, etc.  I've been searching and pond liner is pretty pricey.  Are there any other good options for lining the inside of the box?  I'm not too concerned about the fumes because I have a 48V Zephyr fan that will be mounted on the top of the box.

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    Polyester resin, fiberglass resin, is resistant th 30% sulfuric acid, better yet is a 2 part epoxy resin.
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    If you can find an old Water bed mattress, it is as thick as pond liners
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    Be sure the center of the bottom of the box is supported so the batteries don't punch through.
    If the hinge and hardware is stainless, that would be good.
    Use a good primer on the wood.  i don't know what paint would hold up, so pond liner sounds good to me.
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    Unless you have a catastrophic failure of the inner and outer battery case, what chance is there of one tipping over to spill?  The odd drip from the hydrometer just discolours my OSB built battery box.  I think you're expecting too much problem.
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    I have seen plywood battery boxes lined with automotive undercoat spray and/or epoxy coatings. I have also seen batteries standing in 6" high plastic trays, inside of wooden battery boxes - with a layer of vermiculite around the battery bases for absorbancy.

    My aircraft battery customers talk about this stuff:

    Your approach should be based on just how much of a catastrophic event that you want to plan for. As @Ralph Day pointed out, bare wood works too!

    With no long term experience with either of the above, I can only offer what I see other people doing, so take it with a grain of salt!

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    Hey Marc! Plan any motor lifeboat trips this year :)

    Overthinking a bit on this one. Pick a color of latex you like and you are done. Bare wood has worked for over 20 years also.
    I have never liked battery boxes as most of the time they are not needed. They just seem to encourage corrosion. Secure the batteries from cats and kids, a plastic liner on cement floor, and adequate ventilation in a garage size room and you are done.

    Many like the OP here end up leaving the top open if the room is large enough and abandon the fan and it's danger of not working.
    I like a top with 6 ventilation holes 3",  and open on the sides attached to the wall where the inverter is. Meets the intent of lockable, has plastic 4" pan to protect against a cracked case, and will not cause much of the corrosion I have seen at other offgrid homes.
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    Thanks for all the tips, everyone.  I think I'll go avead and leave the wood bare or maybe a coat of latex paint.  I'm a bit fanatical about cleanliness and maintenance, so I think I'll be okay.   I have to go with the box because the batteries are in a relatively small concrete room under the cabin with no air flow.  Hence, the Zephyr fan to vent the fumes outside.  I'm so very excited to get the system up and running.  I have everything purchased except the batteries, which I'll get when everything is ready to start them charging.  Panels go up the week after Christmas.  Here's the array mount.  Lots of steel pipe, concrete, and IronRidge components.  

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    That is not going anywhere! Nice job! Probably better wind rating than your panels :)
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