Charging NiFe Batteries with Grid Tied SMA SunnyBoy & Sunny Island?

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 I finally got ever thing wired and hooked up.  I have a grid tied SMA sunnyboy 3000TL-US-22, sunny island 6048, midnite solar E-panel, a midnite solar Autoformer. and NiFe Batteries that came fully discharged.  I had a licensed solar electrician wire everything up.

With everything turned on the sunny island shows a W755 error (Battery-preservation mode 1 - LoBatMod1).  Seems the SI is some kind of standby mode for charging the batteries.  Does anyone know how to work around this issue?  I believe if I can get the batteries charging the SI will function normally for the charging of the batteries but I need to get the batteries charged.  I am not sure if I use an external battery charger what to use?
Any ideas?


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