4-100 watt panels 6-batteries moren 2-3 days

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4-100 watt panels 6- batteries won't run 12 watts of LCD lighting for more than 2-3 days? How many amps should be produced by 4-100 watt panels?


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    Explain what you your system is, include charge controller, inverter(if you are using one), wiring(thin wires can create problems), battery size. If you want to complain, at least let us help you understand the problem. I can't tell if you have 6 'D' cells or 4 - 100watt panels in a single string hooked up to a PWM charge controller, feeding 6 huge batteries that has been in standby so long they are toast.

    Are the panels in direct sun? Where are you located so we can determine the amount of sun you receive on average each day.

    The only question I can answer even leads to more questions. 4-100 watt panels can produce as little as 1 amp if they are thin film panels in a single string. or as much as 25 amps if 16 volt panels in ideal conditions. Though I suspect there are lower voltage higher amp panels.

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