Where does solar/renewables go from here? What will happen with President elect Trump?



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    BB. said:
    Hydrogen will probably not be a useful fuel for large scale distribution. Natural gas and other fossil fuels (gasses/liquids) will probably remain the "best" fuels for large scale use (cheaper to ship, fewer leaks, higher energy density, feed stocks for other products, etc.).
    Indeed, if we ever do get to the point where we have lots of "extra" hydrogen (i.e we have high temperature gas reactors and can do thermal dissociation of water) probably the best use of it will be to combine it with the CO2 from a nearby fossil fuel plant to make more methane (natural gas.)  Methane is easier to transport, store and use - and if we do need pure H2 for fuel cells, we can always break it back down.
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    We already had some good economic news because of TRUMP111  I live in The Natural gas region of Western PA and East ohio. There is a steel pipe Manufacturer near Youngstown, ohio that was shut down due to lack of business. Yesterday on the news they said that everyone is getting called back to work and they hope that enough of the work force that has experience comes back. They will probably be hireing.  The there is a 50% increase of drilling rigs more than last year at this time. There is another tube mill that is starting to hire in my region also The steel mill is called valorix Star and they said this will revitalize their company because all their mills were down. The other pipe mill is Wheatland tubes. The reason this is happening is because Trump said that all the pipe has to be made in USA. There are lots of wells to drill and lots of pipelines to build. The Gas well that was drilled in 2004 had pipe from yugaslavia put in it.   Also on the news First Energy  our electric company said they are shutting down their atomic plants because it cost lots more than Natural Gas. There is 2 different Nat gas generator systems bieing built by Lordstown, Ohio. Shell is building a cracker plant Northeast of Pittsburg near the town of Manaca  PA. There is a couple more chemical plants planned also. Its about time that our area can become prosperous again. We had a large movement  of our younger generation to other states  as there were no jobs for them.  There are other factorys moving into the area to serve the gas boom. So there are different opinions about Trump.  I don,t want to brag him up too much because I do not want to get everyone that thinks Hillary would be better. All I will say for now that we in my area mostly voted for trump.  
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    Trump, love him or hate him, is all about the economy. He is trying like hell and has gained a lot of doubters into his fold.

    I wish him and the USA all the luck, and love, in the world. Just don't think that one guy can drain a swamp the size of Alaska. If he can, I'll help chisel his countenance unto Mt Rushmore!
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