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I have recently bought an MPPT Controller for my Boat.... (Morningstar PS MPPT25.  It has output for "Load" and "Battery" ...Question ...If I am charging my Batteries and running my systems from the house bank do I need to connect the house system through the "Load" or can I just leave it unattached.  The directions are somewhat vague ...and I am male....


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    Not sure I understand the layout, but my guess is that anything not connected to Load will not be subject to the MPPT25 low voltage disconnect.  If you don't care about that, then leaving it unattached should be fine.

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    The LOAD terminals have a finite current rating, if you draw too much, you fry it.   Otherwise, loads, like anchor lights and bilge pumps should NOT be subject to LVD, they are critical loads, and are worth killing the battery to save the boat.
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