Conext SW 2524 inverter

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I have this inverter and the conext system control panel , a outback controller. Right now I have in  the AC support mode settings  the AC Supp start soc on 70% and the AC Supp stop Soc on 50% is this the best to get the most out of the batteries? Is the more I can change?
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    I will bump this for you and ask a few questions (I do not have answers).

    What kind of batteries do you have?

    Are you looking to "save money" on your power bill? What is your electric rate ($/kWH)? Or are you off grid with only Solar+Genset for yoru electric power?

    Being in the US, this system is probably for occasional power outages rather than near daily afternoon power outages.

    In general, cycling the battery once per month down to ~80-70% state of charge (for flooded cell lead acid batteries) but otherwise letting the system float the rest of the time is probably going to save you the most money.

    In general, for the USA, our electric rates are cheaper than the cost of replacing batteries that wear out from daily cycling.

    Just let the system operate in GT mode (batteries full, excess energy to sold to grid). There is usually not much reason otherwise to cycle the batteries while the grid is up.

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    We have 1500AH of batteries now will be adding as time goes on, also 1440W of panels. We do have power from the grid but it's a line we ran off a panel in our barn 1000' feet away so so it's good for a small back up. I would like to get the most out of the solar panels as I can. Right now even on the sunny day it drawing grid power along with the solar even when we have light loads.
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    "We have 1500AH of batteries now will be adding as time goes on" I'd make a brave guess that you are not correct in assessing your battery amp hour rating.

    You have a 24 volt battery bank, if you have 4 - 210 amp hour 6 volt batteries in series, you would have a 210 amp hour 24 volt battery bank. A 24 volt bank at 1500Ahs in flooded lead acid batteries would weigh 2000lbs or so...

    What are your loads? If you can't charge the battery bank now why would you add batteries? Adding new batteries to old is a bad idea...FWIW

    Perhaps you do have that large a battery bank, to charge a 24 volt 1500 amp hour battery bank, I would suggest a minimum of an array that can reliably produce 150 Amps at 24 volts or 4600 watt array.

    More questions than answers in your response.

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    The more you work your batteries, the faster they wear out and need replacement.   It's likely better to just sell 100% to 90%, and not drive your batteries so deep. 
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