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Hello All, 

New to solar and looking to setup a location for the cable company to connect a cable modem. Where the house is does not have service but a side road to the property does. What I'm looking as is most likely purchasing a modem and running it off 12v DC along with a router and point to point antennas. Hopefully all equipment can be run off the 12v DC. The modem i've been looking at has a 12v 1amp adapter and the router I already have runs the same. This setup would have to run 24 hrs with those two devices minimum. Hopefully i can get away without having to use a signal booster on that end. The distance is going to be approx. 1000-1200ft line of site. Any suggestions or experieance would be apreciated. 



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    1000-1200 feet line of sight isn't too hard, I use a simple usb antenna in the window to connect to my neighbors wifi about 400 feet away and inside her home with a few trees between. (yes, she knows and I pay for the service).

    You might research 'WISP' wireless internet service providers, for a good connection you will want that type of equipment and good directional antennas. I've setup about 1000 foot, mostly line of sight with just a yagi and plate antennas, but rain and strong winds would interrupt the signal. Just getting an antenna outside will help a good bit. I setup a small campground with an old 'B' freq 'Open Mesh' unit in an outdoor housing and had as many as 16 using up to 250 feet away. Single 1/4" drill hole power over the Ethernet cable hard wired to the router inside.

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