issues with setup of split phase inverter

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hi folks 
after months and months of hesitation, i purchased a PSW inverter. it's split phase, low frequency, 80 amp 5kw inverter for 28v battery bank and 110 or 220v output (ebay link below).

i am ready to start testing it out... tried hooking up 1 24v battery, it powers on, but won't power anything out of the 110v output. i note that in the manual, the displays will not give voltage for 110v.

i am wondering if i am supposed to move wires (at the output end) or if it was already set up for 110v..
or at the very least if it is common/rare to modify an inverter...

i would appreciate any insight you can offer. i have a note to the seller... but it may be a while before i hear back. 

it is a strange looking 110v output adapter, but i think that is what a 'universal' adapter looks like.


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    P.S. I forgot to add, already have 5 24v deep cycle batteries for the batt bank, have a 600w 24v wind turbine and charge controller... just want to test out this inverter before i put up the blades.
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    Split phase inverters usually require both L1 and L2 to be in use at the same time. Example....L1 110 volt 2 amps and L2 110 volt 3 amps, the more evenly balanced the better. Check the manual for your exact specs.

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    Looks like it has a "sleep" (power save) function:
    If you only connect battery with load, ac cable unconnected, when you switch to battery charger mode, this means power save mode on, in this moment the condition as follows:The inverter will go to sleeping mode, no load current is 0 AMP, every 3 sec., the inverter will detection itself, after the 3 sec., amp will go to 3 amp (stand by power, time: 1 sec., then back to sleep mode, amp is 0), the inverter will repeat the situation, until you switch to power save off (inverter on, down side)If customer needs to use refrigerator, can switch the mode to power save on, as refrigerator only will work every half an hour or one hour , but inverter stay in power save function,  no load current is 0 amp, will save powerMost inverters require a minimum of 6-10 Watt minimum AC load to "turn on".

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    thank you BB and Raj. I will try again with 800 watt heater connected and see if i can get it going.
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    so i tried a 60 watt lamp in the 110v outlet. tried with power-save on and off, and with/without the inverter connected to the a/c outlet. no dice. 

    Raj, my next test would then be to have a 220v item plugged in (along with something in the 110v outlet).  there is only one 110v outlet, and direct wiring for the L2. so to have both running, it would be the lamp in the 110v and connect the stove directly to the other (no 220v outlet, just direct wiring)

    the power light (green) only flashes on startup, when it is supposed to stay lit. this will be tricky, but i guess i can use my oven

    i still think there is a problem with the wiring. the ebay seller has a good reputation, but i'd prefer to take the shipping cost for a replacement and put them towards having a electronics tech to look at it.
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    Just thot I'd post pics here... i made them into a YouTube slideshow vid. i think there is definitely a fault with this inverter, and i am waiting to hear back from the engineers from  the seller side.

    Everything seems to be connected, no loose wires, no apparent blown fuses. So I hope to hear back from someone with some detailed trouble shooting...

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    This is why I (we) recommend RUNNING away from those made in china inverters. Even worse, these "all in one" units like this. Putting all your eggs in one basket. I did the same as you years ago and finally go so tired of replacing cheap inverters with flaky issues that I just bit the bullet and got an Outback and never looked back. I'd return it and save yourself the pain in the future. 
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    it this a 12V system or a 24v system ?  You mention several times a "24v battery"  That is a pretty odd item, What's the chance you have a 12V system and a 24V inverter that won't power up on 12V?
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