Cable for linking two 6 volt batteries

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I would like to link in series two 6 volt Amstron AGM deep cycle batteries (model APGC2) that I am purchasing from Atbatt. I wonder what gauge battery cables will work for this purpose?  

The cables will also require battery eyelets wide enough to fit over the secondary posts of the Amstron, and I wonder if it is better to find a vendor for them or plan on making my own?  Any suggestions would be extremely welcome (:




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    What is the maximum current you plan on pulling/charging with the battery string?

    Making good quality cables usually requires a hydraulic crimping tool and finding the right terminal ends. If this is a one off job--If you have a local/helpful battery shop (or welding supply company), let them make the cables for you.

    If you are a DIY type person, there are manual "hammer" crimpers and sometimes you can find a good deal on hydraulic.

    One poster here bought a cheap bold cutter--Used a torch to heat the cutting blades to remove the temper. Drilled holes in the blades to crimp. Then reheated the blades and quenched them (old or water?) to re-temper. Was very happy with the results.

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    I used this company's on my latest build: They do all the regular custom sizes and options, in 3/8 or 5/16 rings. Seem to have good workmanship and reasonable prices.
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    It isn't hard to make cables. It isn't worth getting the equipment unless one needs quite a few.

    Our host offers a variety of cables:

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    Or do what i did before i got a crimper, take it to your local auto electrician armed with a few beers,
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