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I have a dehumidifier that I need to run 24 hours a day constantly.  It is a 115V unit with a rated 6.9amp draw and 750 watts.  What would be needed for operation of this unit while using 12 volt panels.  Second, battery recommendations?  Thank you in advance for any help.


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    750 watts X 24 hours = 18 kilowatthours per day energy consumption. 

    Typically we recommend that your daily load should equal 1/4 of a battery's capacity.  Thus you would want a 72 kwh battery.  A 12 volt battery bank with 72 kwh capacity is a 6000 amphour battery bank.

    To charge it with solar you would need about 8 large charge controllers, with each controller having about 1250 watts of solar panels.

    To build a 6000 amphour battery bank at 12 volts will require multiple parallel batteries, which is a poor design... you would be better off with a single string of 1500 amphour batteries configured at 48 volts.  With a 48 volt battery you would only need 2 large charge controllers, each with 5000 watts of solar panels.

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    Thank you!
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    Basically, you need a different way to humidify the air. Humidifiers have a heating element which uses a good bit of electric.

    Perhaps a mister... or evaporative cooler, these use a fan and membrane or just a fan and a fine mist. a 8-40 watt fan is the major energy use...

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    I think he's trying to remove humidity.
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    Hi what type of dehumidifier do you have . That seems to use a lot of energy. 
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    You would use a mini-split heat pump to dehumidify !
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