Catching those eternal mice...

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Most of know that mice are just about everywhere. They are especially common in rural areas. For years I was using poison and traditional mouse traps. Then I found some Victor Tin Cats that I inherited from my folks who had a mini farm and a mouse problem.

The Tin Cats are awesome. Just put some peanut butter or cheese inside. Place them about anywhere. Harvest your catch in the morning. My Heelers let me know that a mouse has been caught. They love to dispatch the mice that I dump into a bucket. Looks like each Tin Cat will last for years. They resist the dogs attempts at breaking in. They can also hold several mice...assuming you have a significant mouse population.

On this subject, I believe that my home made "poison" consisting of equal parts of flour, sugar, and baking soda does work. But I prefer catching over poison. Plus my dogs love to dispatch the mice that are caught.

Next up next week? Products that last in storage? Trips to town are expensive and time time consuming plus country stores seem to be more likely to be out of stock.
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    I tried what you are doing and after many years I picked up some cats. It is not so much that they are the perfect predator, it is more that mice know they are about and avoid the cat patrol area of the house. I have not seen a mouse turd in 13 years. 
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    Soft down, brings back memories from my grandparent ranch. When we'd visit they give us a trap like you describe and have catch the mice. Then we'd let them loose one at a time for their Heeler to dispatch. Great fun for kids. They also had feral cats, but with all the feed the mice were a constant problem. 


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    Looks interesting, I don't have a problem with 'kill' traps, I don't have a safe place to release them, I'm rural but have people around every 1/2 mile to mile. Amazone has them for 10.99 each of for 11.18each if you buy 6 (Idiots). Also looks like some copy cats that are cheaper.

    After sealing the dryer vent access, I haven't had one inside other than one finding the ductwork, where they make a racket but haven't found a way through the grate, yet. I guess this tin can (mobile home) was made on a Wednesday! Next door neighbor is a cow pasture so I see them pretty regularly

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    The great science fiction editor and publisher, John Campbell, was something of a prude (except for the mandatory cover art) and his regular writers made a game of trying to slip something past him.
    One of the best known successes was a writer who in passing attributed to his scientist hero the development of a ball-bearing mouse trap.

    (i.e. a tomcat)
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