One 'large bank or two 'small banks

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Hi all, brand spanking new to the site. I want to set up a solar system for an RV. My question should be simple enough in essence. Am I better off to use one battery bank while the 2nd one charges, and then after a while (when at say 50% or whatever) switch it the other way, or is it better to combine the two halves into one larger bank and use and charge at the same time. Is there pros and cons for either. I can easily set up a controller to make before break to switch 'em back and forth. I would think giving batteries a little time off might extend their life plus if ever something bad happens only half the system suffers, but this seems uncommon so there's probably a reason.

Also to make it more difficult, one reason to ask is because I have some 75AH optimas that are 2 months old, and if I add more storage I'd like to buy and use some 125AH. Both battery types would be AGM. I know the difference isn't enough to prevent linking them. It's not optimal but should be OK.



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    I seem to remember a similar thread over in the RV section about having 2 sets of batteries and one 21V and the other 24V, and ended up with one set ..have a look...

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    KISS one bank
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    One bank, but a separator starter battery!
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    That's what I was thinking, one bank is enough to worry about. Why double the things that could bother?
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