Questions about wire size to battery banks.

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Been a million threads along these lines. But none with this (my) scenario. Solar panels will generate about 3.4 Kw but I am going to only use half for awhile due to uncertainty about a Gel battery bank that I wound up with. Gel battery recommended charging rates seem to literally be all over the place.

One 48V bank of ED8s.....4 feet from controller and inverter
One 48V bank of 109Ah Gels (Alpha Cells-Alpha owns Outback)....5 feet from controller and inverter

Three days from now a local solar tech will try to make the system operational. So I have to have my "ducks in order" so to speak.

Been planning to use 4/0 aluminum wire because I own several hundred feet of it. But I don't have battery cable connectors for it and it is somewhat doubtful that the local town will carry them, It is also very, very stiff.

I also have plenty of #4 AWG copper wire and battery cable connectors and a crimping tool. I used almost all of my #2 AWG making battery cables.

My brain is currently fried. The sewer line filled with tree roots. I "rota-rootered" until midnight. Plus I have misplaced my best solar book.

My instincts tell me 0/0 or 2/0 copper wire might be appropriate in the long run. But I can make the cables out of #4 AWG in 1/2 hour since I already have the needed stuff here. Seems it might be fine for a bit.

Thanks in advance. Admonishments are not needed at this point in time.
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    Well first things first how are you hooking them up? Will you use a common line from the battery to a breaker for your inverter, then hook up your charge controller to that? There is no reason to have 2 sets of wire to a battery bank. How are you separating your 2 battery banks? typically you will want to charge and use them separately as different batteries, particularly batteries of 2 different chemistries, don't tend to play well together.

    Are we talking single strings of each battery? so a 48 volt 109 Ah bank and what ever Ah rating the ED8's are? Also what will be the current input to and output from the battery banks?

    My guess is if you have a single string of 109ah batteries, 4 gauge would be fine, I don't think you will be sending more than 15 amps to the bank or drawing more than 15 amps off the bank....
    ...but it's all about the current so we need to know the size of the banks and the current flow into and out of, you can size your fuse or breakers to protect the wires
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