new small wind co.s

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Here are 2 more companiea.. TLG in Wisconsin makes a 1200 dollar 500 watt,TLG 500
with a Chinese alternator but looks ok. But is unimpressive on watts at 20 and 28 mph.
Wind turbines should be rated at 20-25 mph.
And a Canadian CO. Clean Energy in Calgary is making interesting Axial flux
machines like Hugh Piggot style but professional quality... in 1-50 kw and bigger.
Dont know their prices but Canadian outfits are never cheap.
If competition gets prices to a buck a watt complete,minus tower, people will be buying
turbines everywhere.Down with SWW and Bergey. OVERPRICED.


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    Re: new small wind co.s

    A 500W 'mill that is un-impresive at 20 & 28MPH, is useless. Most residential areas seldom see >15mph wind, except in storms
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    Re: new small wind co.s

    That's 20A @ 14V charging 12V batteries at 28 MPH, so claiming 280 watts, not 20. I'm building one with the same generator but the 1500 watt instead of 500 and 9-10ft rotor. Should be interesting. The main advantage I see with this alternator as opposed to the Piggott that the windings are around the outside of the aluminum housing, so heat can dissipated easier.
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    Re: new small wind co.s

    are you referring to the Clean Energy alternator??? If so ,where did you buy it.??
    do they have a USA dealer... and do you know anyone that has bought a full kit from
    them and can comment on it??
    It would be neat if you could stack 1KW modules next to each other to make a
    2,3 KW without buying a whole new rig.
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