Electronics Equipment Safety

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I couldn't figure where to put this so I will give it a shot here.

We are moving to our temporary residence off-grid while we build the main house off-grid.

Until we get the full system up and running we may be using a portable generator part of the time. I am looking at a Onan HomeSite or a Honda 6500. My concern is for the sensitive electronics equipment like the computer and my wives embroidery sewing machine with internal computer.

If I fry her sewing machine I might as well move out.

When the generator is supplying power do I need to do anything else besides a normal surge protector? Should I be concerned about the electrical quality?



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    Re: Electronics Equipment Safety

    I ran a laptop, TVs' and electronics with a Honda EU2000 for 18 months without a surge protector.

    No ill effects.
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    Re: Electronics Equipment Safety

    Only use the sewing mach on true sine wave. If your generators say they can safely run sensitive electronics from them, I think you will be OK, but I can't guarantee it.

    Or you can look for a vendor that sells a sinewave power conditioning UPS (aka On-line UPS) they waste 10% or so of the delivered power, because they do a DC - AC conversion to guarantee clean AC. Plain UPS pass all the power line spikes thru, till the power fails, and then they take a couple cycles before they kick in

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    Re: Electronics Equipment Safety

    you'll probably be fine with a generator. when powering up or down the generator, have the appliances off as this is most likely the times problems could develope. to be sure i'm understood here, the appliances will be in the off position when you start the genny and wait a few minutes if necessary for it to warm or settle and when you are ready to shut the genny off, turn off the appliances first.
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    Re: Electronics Equipment Safety

    Thanks for the posts guys. I feel like I might need to run the sewing machine off a UPS or Line Conditioner. They are pretty sensitive. Plus if momma ain't happy, no one will be happy.

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    Re: Electronics Equipment Safety

    Susan ran her Genome machine of a MSW inverter for years. I don't know if I would recommend it, but it seemed to work fine. We now use a True Sine wave inverter.

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