Best gloves?

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Tried a search for this, nothing jumped out at me - I was wondering what y'all are using for good gloves when working around the batteries?

Accidentally got a drop of the acid on some jeans the next day there was a nice hole where the drop fell. Made me realize that I should probably get some better gloves, the ones I have now have a rubberized coating on them and have been ok so far but expect there to be better/longer lasting options.



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    Re: Best gloves?

    Ask at your local bulk fuel dealer, they should know. They use real heavy duty rubberized gloves at times. Or safety supply place...
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    Re: Best gloves?

    Just get a box of disposable nitrile gloves. Put on a new pair every time. Then you don't have to worry about it.
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    Re: Best gloves?

    I'm not saying you don't need gloves, but if you're not too far (5 minutes) from a place to wash your hands, it's not the end of the world if you get a bit on your hands. What's used in batteries is actually quite diluted, so will not instantly burn holes in your hand. After a few minutes you will notice a sort of burning itch, but washing it off with soap and water will take care of it. That's been my experience over the years anyway. Same for clothing, if you wash it as soon as possible, the battery acid will be removed before damage can be done.
    I'd be far more worried about my eyes.
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    Re: Best gloves?

    I wear glasses, and have some safety glasses as well, but I think I might get one of those full face masks for better protection. Can't be too safe!
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    Re: Best gloves?
    Rossman wrote: »
    ..... Can't be too safe!
    Then my dad went and smashed his forehead on the cockpit frame, because the safety glasses blocked his vision !

    But I just use the med duty disposable gloves. And I got burned where ? At the cuff, where the glove gaped open and trapped some stuff !

    I strip to gym shorts and make sure I have a path to the water faucet. Your skin gives you about 1 minute protection, but a good splash on clothes or into your shoes and socks will burn you before you can get them off. Rinse off well, before grabbing the neutralizer, because it will generate heat and that will burn you too!
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    Re: Best gloves?

    Rossman , Everyone is correct , I use pre-scription safety glasses & plastic clothes ( I wear Cotton & natural normally) Dickee-Dees are pure plastic H2SO4 (acid better) & never have steel / metal stuff on me when around battery's. The Acid is normally water soluble with the distilled water jug you should have on hand . I would invest in a eye wash plastic bottle for under ten bucks & use the battery distilled water.

  • RossmanRossman Solar Expert Posts: 178 ✭✭
    Re: Best gloves?

    Thanks everyone for your various opinions / perspectives! Really appreciated.
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    Re: Best gloves?

    Personally, do not use gloves.

    Do have a plastic container with a tight lid. This container has a dilute solution of Baking Soda in water -- about 1.5 teaspoons/quart of water. In this solution are always a couple of the red/pink shop "rags". These rags will remove electrolyte from bare fingers, and wipe any dribbles from the batteries. The "shop rags", which are made in South Asia use a red dye, which is Litmus-like. It turns blue in the presence of acid, which is a good indicator of weather there is enough soda in solution. If the blue from the acid is not turned back to red when the rag is rinsed in the soda bath, the solution needs more soda, or to be tossed and renewed.

    Just rattle the tip of the Hydrometer back and forth in the battery wells to knockoff the bulk of the electrolyte in the well, before removing the Hydro tip,

    Rinse the Hydro tip before using it, and RINSE the Hydro with distilled water two or three times with after each measuring session --this rinses out the electrolyte, which, if allowed to remain in the Hydrometer, WILL allow a sticky residue to build up. This residue allows air bubbles to adhere on the float and interior of the tube, causing erroneous readings.

    FWIW, Vic
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