what components should I use?

Hello, I hope everyone is having a good Friday. I'm planning on installing 3 100 watt solar panels in series with a solar grid tie power inverter, wind/solar charge controller, wind grid tie power inverter, one turbine (only generating power when i'm exercising), diodes, and wiring. I believe that covers the meat and potatoes of the components I need. My questions are, what exact (size, brand, type, model, make and so on) for these components would make sense together and am I missing anything? I'm sure you have questions for me, so ask away. Thanks for helping me learn more about alternative energy systems.


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    Re: what components should I use?

    The thing you're missing is "legality".

    There are no legal GT systems that run from 300 Watts of PV or turbine. It sounds very much like you've been finding the useless junk that is prolific on the Internet these days. It is also unsafe and should be avoided.

    Grid-tie systems require approved equipment and approved installations with the co-operation of the utility and local AHJ. Do not do it any other way as the ramifications can be disastrous. Seriously.
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    Re: what components should I use?

    First questions are Why?

    Trying to save money? (not likely in many/most situations)

    Want to save the environment? Grid tied will likely produce more electric than it took to make and transport the equipment.

    Education/learning experience for my family? Likely better learning experience with an off grid system.
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