Talk about hammer the output.

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So I thought I would grab my IR meter and see what the panel temps might be today at 2PM, ambient temps about 101F with a light breeze. The panel frames were showing 137F and the backing about 126F.

Yep peak output off by about 800 to 1000 watts on a 12.5 Kw array.

Oh yeah loads are up as the AC is now in pretty much steady state of 40-50% duty cycle.

Good news at 2PM we are still in the plus column for the day.


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    Re: Talk about hammer the output.

    Was this done with tape on the panel so that the reading was accurate?

    I suppose it's not worth it, but conceptually it is a shame that one might need hot water (for household use) while PV panels are in need of cooling.

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