using solar panels with any modified sine wave inverter

I just need help with 2 questions
1. can amorphous solar panels be connected in parallel with monocrystalline panels
2. Is it wise to join solar panels with a 3000watt modified sine wave inverter charger in parallel without damage to system


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    Re: wiring in parallel of modified inverter charger and solar panels

    1) as long as their voltage under load, is about the same, it's fine. Look for a spec labled
    VmaxP or VPmax

    2) the question is not clear enough for me to understand what you are aksing to do
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    Re: using solar panels with any modified sine wave inverter

    I have a modified sine wave inverter with a 10 amp charger built in. This has to be attached to a battery/battery bank. It is said to be a UPS because if has automatic line transfer when AC power goes off. I would like to link my solar array of about 128 watts in parallel. Is this advisable.
    Thanks for your input so far.
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