help wind low wind generator system

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I just bought a low wind area 1-3 wind generator off of ebay. Its 800 watt. I set it up on a 20 ft pole but it want even rotate the baldes. They said this unit should rotate at 2 mph and generate at 5mph. any ideas. thanks for you help


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    Re: help wind low wind generator system

    Welcome to the forum.

    I'm sorry but you've been scammed. What you bought is called "junk".

    Have you ever heard the phrase "you can't squeeze blood from a rock"? Same thing: there is no power in low speed wind so there is no possibility of harvesting what isn't there to begin with. 800 Watts? From 5 MPH? No chance. The blades would need to be forty feet long each to try and pull that much power from such low wind speed.

    Have a look at Hugh Piggott's wind site:
    For DIY and other good info on turbine power you can't beat his stuff.
    Otherpower is another good one:
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    Re: help wind low wind generator system

    Hi Charrlie, Welcome to the forum.
    I wish for your sake I could report that Cariboocoot was pulling your leg, but unfortunately he's not. Unfortunately your leg was pulled by the people who took your money for the "wind turbine" you now own. I too have been down that road and also learned the hard way. But we are far from being alone. Scammers have been unloading these small useless "wind turbines" on innocent, trusting folks for many many years, and so far no one has killed them. For some reason the law is protecting them.
    If they won't take it back, all you can do is write it off as a learning experience.
    In my case it wasn't a total loss, as I was able to use the alternator on my micro micro hydro system, but for wind? A sad joke, on me, many others, and now you. :grr:cry:
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    Re: help wind low wind generator system

    Can you post a link to the one your bought?
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    Re: help wind low wind generator system

    My rule of thumb for wind power, if you have to tie your hat onto your head, EVERY time you go outside (or it blows off) then you have enough wind for power. 99% of people who "think" they have enough wind, don't.
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