Wattage consumption on security lights

Hello all,

Just bought a couple of outdoor motion security lights. I was planning on installing outdoor cfl's in them. The boxes are sealed, and I was wondering if any one new how much they use in standby mode before I open them?



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    Re: Wattage consumption on security lights

    I'll GUESS at no more than 5 watts each. Do they have photocells to keep them off in the daytime, then daytime should drop to 1 watt.
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    Re: Wattage consumption on security lights

    Plug them into a kill-a watt...

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    Re: Wattage consumption on security lights

    Thanks for the replies. They do shut down in the daytime. Killowatt is my next purchase.
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    Re: Wattage consumption on security lights

    Yeah, probably a lot less than 5 watts. Wouldn't be surprised to see about 1 watt at all times when the lights aren't on. Have had many apart over the years and not much in there to use power. Nothing runs hot, or even warm on the little circuit board of any that I investigated. The biggest consumer, other than the actual lights, is probably the relay coil, and that wouldn't be much. Everything else on the board is very low power.
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