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    Re: Magnum charging profile

    i've never heard of such a thing that it does it on its own. keep an eye on it being sure what settings are there to start. in the meantime you may want to ask magnum what, if anything outside of human error, may cause such a thing or if they've ever heard of this happening. if you learn more on it please let us know as there are many of us here with magnums.
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    Re: Magnum charging profile
    I have been having problems with my Magnum inverter. I have 2024PAE version and out of the blue all of the default settings have changed to what appears to be 12V settings. I didn't even know that was possible. Is there a menu or setting I haven't come across yet that specifies a 24v system.

    Any help you can offer is greatly appreciated.


    Try making sure that your battery voltage is at least 20 volts, then disconnect the Magnum from the panels, then from the battery and let it sit for awhile. When you connect it again it may realize that it is connected to a 24 volt battery bank.
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    Re: Magnum charging profile

    Dont forget you can 'reboot' the Magnum by disconnecting the data cable (the RJ-11 phone type connector)

    Can't remember how long the owners manual said to leave it before reconnecting it.
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