Interfacing with XW6048

I'm interested in communicating with our XW6048 from Xantrex so that we can monitor and control the unit from a central computer running SCADA software. I'm looking for information regarding the Xanbus protocol, and what I might use for hardware to interface between the XW6048 and the SCADA software.

Here's what I know:
(1) Xanbus is Canbus, i.e. the physical layer is equivalent. What is not equivalent is the communications protocol.
(2) The manual for the "system control panel" has wiring information: Cabling shouldn't be a problem.
(3) There is a configuration tool: If that tool can work through USB, then there must be a hardware solution for networking the XW6048 independent of the system control panel.

I suppose I should list what I hope to achieve. Well, I'll be ambitious: anything that can be monitored / controlled with the system control panel I would like to be able to do with our SCADA software.

Solar Guppy, I'm looking in your direction. However, according to the following thread, everything is proprietary? One nice thing that I learned at this thread is that Xanbus is Modbus over CAN. All forms of SCADA software support Modbus. Conceivably, I just need an RS-485 to CAN converter an address list and I'm set.

Maybe this is the best route?



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    Re: Interfacing with XW6048

    I can send you the modbus protocol specification, PM me with an email address.