Damaged Panel - Help!!!

My girlfriend has a solar panel that she uses for lighting and to run a radio, charge her phone.

She lent it to a friend to use to part recharge the batteries he was using for a 12volt powered sound system in his mobile cafe at an event.

Once she got it back she noticed some damage. The panel appears to work correctly but what I think is a layer of protective see-thru corrugated plastic has been rubbed/burnt/something through.

This happened a few months ago and the panel is outside in the weather.

I want to repair it but I'm not sure what to use to reseal it. Silicone? something else? I'm a bit worried about chemical compatibility with the PV and don't want to leave the elements getting in.

A very sketchy photo is at http://vegburner.co.uk/images2/solarpanel.jpg

Thanks in advance for any advice.


  • System2System2 Posts: 6,290 admin
    Re: Damaged Panel - Help!!!

    Ouch! I feel badly for the person good enough to lend it, only to get it back that way. It's my opinion that the guy who borrowed it should replace it, but I know that "ain't gonna happen".
  • ArtArt Solar Expert Posts: 32
    Re: Damaged Panel - Help!!!

    That looks like a Uni-Solar amorphous panel.
    The manufacturer recommends filling the hole with neutral cure silicone sealant.
    That isn't going to help any burnt areas where light isn't getting through.

    I also agree with Wayne from NS Cana that someone owes your gf a NEW panel.
  • System2System2 Posts: 6,290 admin
    Re: Damaged Panel - Help!!!

    The Mrs. says cheers for all the advice, we'll get some silicone.
    The damaged area is quite small compared to the panel size, hopefully we won't lose too much output....

    Art how did you ID the panel from that dodgy pic? You obviously know far too much.....
  • mike95490mike95490 Solar Expert Posts: 9,571 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Re: Damaged Panel - Help!!!

    Unisolar has the textured plastic - others are glass

    Unisolar has the continuous PV element, others are discrete cells with solder connections.
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  • ArtArt Solar Expert Posts: 32
    Re: Damaged Panel - Help!!!
    Art how did you ID the panel from that dodgy pic?
    This is how I know... (see pic) :D

    Lucky it is Uni-Solar, as it has bypass diodes for every cell,
    and is able to function if any cell is shaded or destroyed.
  • n3qikn3qik Solar Expert Posts: 741 ✭✭
    Re: Damaged Panel - Help!!!

    Well kicking solar panels with your bare foot was not a smart thing to do.

    But I don't see anything but a outward dimple on the panel above your scared foot. What is the story. How old are the panel(s) ?? I just got 7 Uni-solar ES-62T panels 2 months ago.
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