mppt charger and normal battery charger in parallel?

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I have a small setup (1 solar cell 150W, 2 batteries 12V/100Ah and a Tracer3210A charge controler)

In the near future I want to upgrade to bigger/more cells.

But for now I have the issue that my solar cell does not have the capacity to charge the batteries enough to keep up with my usage.
especially during clouded days when I get only 1A out of this older cell.

Can I put a normal battery charger in parallel to charge the batteries with a generator during clouded days. Or do I have to disconnect my solar charger if I want to charge this way.

Thanks for any help.



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    Yes it is possible to have both chargers connected in parallel, just keep an eye on the voltage unless the charger is a smart charger designed for the battery type you have, if not disconnect when the voltage approaches 14.4V and let the solar finnish the charging. Many  inexspensive automotive chargers tend to overcharge taking the voltage way too high, be very careful when using with a sealed non spillable type as they can be damaged  by overcharging. You did not say what type you have.
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    It's fine to use an auxiliary charger from a generator. best way is to start the gen in the morning and let the generator BULK the batteries at max fuel efficacy and then let the solar finish it off.
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    Bro I want to charge 12v li ion battery by using both Solar and 12 dc generator is possible
    Is any Intermediate circuit is available to charge battery
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    I connected the batterycharger and solar charger in parallel and all seems to work without any issues.
    Thanks for the support.

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