Sigineer (Chinese, Transformer Based) Power Inverters

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Has anyone looked at the chinese power inverters offered by ?

I have one installed in my setup, and for the $1650 delivered, I dont think it can easily be beat.

12KW continuous, 36KW for 20 seconds...

And check out the inside:


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    is it only an inverter, or can it charge batteries via a large genset ?   The XW inverters have 140A battery charge capabality from 240v
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    Its a [email protected] battery charger.  I run the charger at approx. 90% on 2 honda EU2000I and one EU3000I all paralelled.  I take the 120V from the honda gens and run it through a transformer to get the 240v.

    At 90% all three gens are pretty much maxed out.

    Soon I will be buying an 18KW Perkins....Just gotta save up a while longer for it.
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    Two issues to be aware of, THD (total harmonic distortion) is <10%. 2% to 5% is common in quality equipment.
    180 watts self consumption is 4.3 kWhs per day just having it online.
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    The 180W idle is a killer 4.3Kw per day, what sort of average load are you using to warrant a 12 Kw inverter? 
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    3HP well pump, 3/4HP booster pump, 5 HP air compressor (used about once per week), plasma cutter...Air compressor and plasma cutter can be setup on a sperate system.  My parents live up here in their motorhome, and do crazy things like run the Keurig, microwave, toaster, and a few other things without thinking about not overloading it, while I live on the same power supply and use similar appliances in a similar scenario.  

    To be honest, I never calculated idle draw of the inverter in terms of how many KWH/day....At design, 180 watts seemed miniscule to the other loads.  Thank you for pointing this out.  I will be going some time this week to check and see if that 180 watts is accurate.  If it is, then that is half of my daily consumption........

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    That link doesn't work. I searched a little and now I am bored.
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    Try this link (I think that the OP posted the "edit video" link):


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    Saw that video and the companion one as well introducing the system here the other day.    One of the comments on his other video on YouTube  claimed to be by an "electrician by trade" and called it one of the best set ups he'd ever seen.

    I dunno though,  the whole setup looked pretty scary to me.  Small cables, open cable connections, for potentially very large loads ... Call me crazy, but I'm not installing that set up in my house. 
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    @dexter12353 ;Whilst the bus bar setup is a good idea, please if you don't intend to install them in an enclose such as PVC duct or insulate, at least install a fuse at the battery terminals feeding them, there is a potential for limitless current, which is an arc flash hazard, if a metal object such as a wrench were to fall across the two bus bars, regardless there should be over current protection installed. Granted  you acknowledged this, stating  you'll be the only one in the installation room, however, you will need your eyes to find your way out. Be safe.

    Edit. An excerpt from an article discussing battery short circuit 

    Without some form of protection such as a fuse or breaker, a short circuit condition can cause permanent damage to the battery. In effect the battery can itself becomes the fuse. If the weakest link is within the battery, melting and opening of an internal connection has the potential to ignite the hydrogen/oxygen gas mixture contained within the battery headspace, resulting in a potentially dangerous situation. Melting of the external inter-battery connections may occur, particularly if the terminal connections are loose. While an external failure typically results in a more benign “open” circuit condition, severe and/or prolonged overheating may lead to permanent battery and equipment damage, including the potential for fire.
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