Outback FM 60 screen problem

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Every now and then my FM 60 screen shows what I can only call - a bunch of garbage! All kinds of numbers, letters etc flashing all around the screen. I can clear it by turning off batteries and panels and doing a restart. The controller remembers settings ie non-"normal" for AGM batteries - even remembers the log!
The other day it showed "floating" - ALL DAY!
Outback of course wants me to send the controller up to their only repair facility in AZ (I'm in Baja, MX) - Ain't gonna work as I am off grid and can't send my controller away for months (or from down here, maybe forever!)

Any clues?


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    have you tried a total reset ? 
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    I have totally powered down the system when this happens - its the only way to clear it. I cant find rhyme or reason as to the circumstances that cause this to happen. Quite frustrating and getting a little worrisome that I might lose the whole controller sometime with no warning.. any help appreciated
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    You might search and ask at the Outback forum;

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    Check your DC electrical connections (especially between battery bac bank and charge controller). Loose or corroded connections can cause flaky behavior (check all connections. Look for color changes from heart or water, etc.).

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    Seems the problem is not an isolated one, here is a link with possible fix http://www.outbackpower.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=29&t=6129
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