What would happen?

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What would happen if you used another dc source on an mppt charge controller in the solar panel port?
I'm thinking of the 12v power socket in my car to the solar input. A kind of dc to dc charger when I'm driving as my panels aren't fixed on.


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    Without regard to your direct question, the voltage would be too low to charge through a MPPT type charge controller.
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  • dazza159dazza159 Posts: 4Registered Users
    Ok thanks, just thought I'd ask the question 👍
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    And if you use a higher voltage, it won't respond the way a PV panel does as the MPPT circuit try's to control the power.
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    You could, if the battery that needs chaging is 12V, connect directly to the car battery, the alternator will do the rest, just be careful if it's an AGM, flooded would be fine, always incude an appropriate fuse to protect the wiring.
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