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    BoFuller said:
    We love being off the grid. I firmly believe the grid is a ticking bomb and will start experiencing problems one of these days. Read Lights Out by Ted Koppell.
    I say go for it, and don’t ruin that view.
    Thanks for the Book Suggestions, downing loading it today.  This has been the primary reason I set up what I call a "Solar Generator".  While generators are necessary to a point,  (and I will have one before the next hurricane season),   At the last hurricane 8 months ago, (every year for the past 2 years - several times in the past 13) We did have a generator,  but by the 2nd day,  gas lines were hours long,  gas stations were out of gas if you could find a station with power,  and by day 3 there was only 1 station that had gas 45 minutes away. The wait was 3 hours + long and  Fights were breaking out in the lines ... you see my point.  That outage lasted 5-6 days for us,  longer for others.  Stations were back up, resupplied and running within 10 days. 

    2-3 days before the storm, the wife made the mistake of asking "how will we charge the cell phones" ... lol.  This ultimately lead to a trip to Harbor Fright and the purchase of their infamous 100 watt portable "system" and two 6v 200ah batteries (that have since been re-purposed  to a trolling motor).   The little system did want it was supposed to do by keeping the lights on thru the outage last fall.  Genny was ran for the fridge and well during the day.  But  I became so fascinated with the whole solar idea that  I was researching how to do a much larger system before the lights came back on. The little system kept me online and informed the whole time of the outage, but I am certain now the batteries were being woefully undercharged - good thing they were purchased used at $35 each.

    But the storm prompted me to commit to a smallish system (see my sig below) that could run the essentials off grid if necessary.  I can pump water, heat water, light my entire house, household non essentials like TV and Internet, run fans, do laundry, Fridge (though largely unnecessary after the first round of food is gone), etc.   This system has been up and running since Oct 2017. I do not desire this lifestyle,  but I do not see the situation as an "If" but rather a "When".
    REC TwinPeak 2 285W 3S/3P 2.6kW-STC / 1.9kW-NMOT Array
    MN Solar Classic 150 / 2017 Conext SW 4024 Inverter latest firmware
    Trojan L16H-AC 435Ah bank 4S connected to Inverter with 7' of 4/0 cable / 24 volt system
    Grid-Assist Off-Grid / Need 3200Whs Daily Off-Grid
    System went Online Oct 2017
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