Solar charger and AC charger together

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I have a new camper trailer.  I have a new AGM battery and an inline AC charger.  I want to add a solar panel with controller. 
How do I wire the to chargers so they do not interfere with each other? 
Do I put a switch in line for each of them so I turn one on and the other off?
Can I put a switch in line on the solar system without hurting it?  I have read that the controller and panel and battery must always be connected.


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    i would think a charge controller does that on its own. both chargers should be equipped with diodes to not allow current to go backwards. I am not a pro though. you can stack things onto a battery terminal IE: solar, wind, genset etc. should be plug and play. make sure you hook the charge controller to the battery first then input the panels.  
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    An AC charger and charge controller can be connected in parallel without issues, as each will see the voltage at the battery and contribute as required. NOTE. Be sure the AC charger is a smart or regulate type, some cheaper units can raise the voltage to higher than desired, when using AGM batteries make sure the charger supports them as a charger designed for flooded batteries can damage AGM by overcharging, causing venting of the gasses, which once lost, can never be replaced, resulting in lost capacity. The best option would be a multi stage charger designed for the purpose, such as this 
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    As well as @mcgivor's comments, which are apt, on the issue of "switching" the solar system, I'd +1 @kamchuka comment. The controller should boot from battery first, then see pv.
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    i would switch them .. imo the correct way to do it would be to switch the positive panel lead AND the positive charger lead to the batt .. then the correct procedure would be to always switch off the panel before connecting or disconnecting the solar charger ..
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    Quality solar chargers will work transparently with quality mains power and Quality vehicle alternator Isolator chargers
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