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    Whilst it is possible to series panels, the configuration would depend on the charge controller selected, operating a 12V nominal system somewhat limits the options, but without details of what equipment you have, charge controller in particular, it is difficult to make suggestions. An MPPT controller  would definitely be required if using the panels you listed previously, details of the CC would  be helpful. 
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    We have not purchased batteries, charge controller, or anything else other than the panels. It seems as thought you need xyz information to know whether to buy abc, and you need to have abc to know what xyz to purchase. We've been at a bit of a stand still for a while...

    We know an MPPT is required. Which one is the best, and quiet has been quite the debate.
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    Could you post the Voc & Vmp spec from the sticker on the back of the panels ?
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    In a way you are correct, with the abc/xyz analogy, however by stating with the loads and working forward, it doesn't have to be that way. As it stands, from my understanding, you have  4×255 panels, 12V nominal is the route chosen, so the next step, I guess, would be selecting a charge controller and batteries to suit. Reverse engineering again is NOT the best way to design, explaining the disadvantages of 12V has been discussed, so along with panel specs and controller specs, perhaps we can move forward, albeit the wrong approach.

      1500W, 6× Schutten 250W Poly panels , Schneider 150 60 CC, Schneider SW 2524 inverter, 8×T105 GC 24V nominal 

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    I know the disadvantages but since the panels will be hidden while driving, it is a must that the alternator charge the batteries while driving. I do not want to mess with having to add a second alternator to make it a 24v system.

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    With a 1020 watts and generating about 765 wats normally, for a 12 volt system you would need a charge controller that would handle 765/13= @60 amps. Since you are in a mobile install something without fans would be nice. I would suggest a Morningstar MPPT TS-60

    This leaves no room for expansion, but you could add a second charge controller if needed. Try to mount somewhere with some air around it if below.

    I would skip the panel for it and suggest a Trimetric battery monitor;

    I would run all panels in parallel, if you wanted to keep the charge controller from working too hard, but it would be perfectly acceptable to run to strings of 2 panels, this would save you from having a combiner box and you could just use Branch cables;
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    We still have not made a decision on the charge controller but I figured I would share some photos of our setup. The panels are on heavy duty slides and will be put in when driving and the alternator will charge the batteries. Then when we stop we can pop the panels out and get the sweet sweet sun power. We are probably going to use composite boards to finish the decking. 

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    Good job, I like it!  Who did your fabrication?
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    Good job, I like it!  Who did your fabrication?
    A company in Chambersburg PA called Y. B. Welding "when we could do it for you." They do great work. We are glad we found them. They will be doing more work for us in the near future.
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