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Hi Guys,
Is there anyone who may help me to buy solar panels in Nairobi Kenya please let me know the good brand in good rates please quote me thanks Awaiting 


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    waiting for suggestions please 
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    Hi sam77

    There are supplier's local in Kenya just Google solar suppliers Kenya or variations of that, you should do some homework and try to source locally as the logistics of shipping internationally would be cost prohibitive. Here is what I found on my first attempt

    Keep searching and good luck.
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    Hello mcgivor 
    thanks for your suggestions I will do the same and will update you regarding this 

    Good Luck

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    Think I might consider shipping costs as the highest priority. Solar panel manufacturers make no money and likely will not be around for warranty claims. Nevertheless, a name brand is often a good idea.
    I would not be afraid of *most* used panels should last for several decades.
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    Hi Guys'

    solar panels is very useful invention specially for now a days when most of the countries are facing the problem of electricity down fall the time i have install the solar panels i am very relaxed as there is no problem of electricity is resolved so with no utility bill in a nutshell m very much happy with this 
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    waiting for good suggestions! :)
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