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12v, 3 array’s 750w each, 3 combiners (50a run to ZHC Solar 80 CC), to a bank(parallel) of 6 Renogy 200ah batteries. 3 inverters 2 WZRELB 3000w and 1 ATS 8000w inverters. Plan to use no more than 50% load on the inverters, and no 220AC at all. All of this is interconnected with 1/0 cables with 250a and 300a breakers in front of the inverters. as well as 60a fuses on the lines coming in from the combiner boxes outside.


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    I do have a clamp meter. I printed off your comments, and will incorporate them into my maintenance procedures. Interesting point, problems with shipping made it possible to get the six batteries for… (View Post)
  • Re: Renogy batteries

    I use these exact batteries, I have six in parallel. I haven’t yet completing the outside part (PV panels & combiners) but I am using a 12v 75a charger at night to simulate the daytime charge dur… (View Post)
  • Re: Battery Charging

    Thanks for the advice. I will manually make this happen until I can figure out the pattern using the PV’s. (View Post)
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    I am connecting three charge controllers to a single battery bank. The batteries have a max charging rate of 30a. If I set the CC’s all the same, won’t they all try to send 30 amps to the battery ban… (View Post)