used "new" T-105's

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Hey everybody. Found 6 batteries that a man bought but never used. How can I test them to make sure he's being truthful? Thanks.


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    Re: used "new" T-105's

    Look for a date code on them for one thing. "never used" does not mean new, nor does it mean good. Batteries sitting around unused and uncharged can go bad just as fast as used ones.
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    Re: used "new" T-105's

    After doing what windsun suggests, fully charge them, then give them a load test, then check the SG in every cell. I would give them a good solid eq charge to make sure the electrolite is well stirred up.

    I would also read the following links to gain some more understanding on the nuances of FLA batteries. (and their care and feeding!)


    PS I wouldn't pay much more than scrap prices for them in most cases anyway. Maybe 25% of new if they prove to be serviceable. You are taking a risk no matter what.
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    Re: used "new" T-105's

    Depends on what the price is. Least is back ache to move them.

    Date code and as-is open circuit voltage. 6.37v full, 6.19v 70%, 6.05v 50%.

    Months are alpha character, A = Jan, usually skipping 'I', followed by single digit for year.

    If left for months at 70% or less state of charge will not likely recover full capacity.
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    Re: used "new" T-105's

    Thanks everybody. It looks like I won't get them after all. Didin't kknow about the date code, so thanks.
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    Re: used "new" T-105's

    I am interested in knowing how to tell the manufacture date on my T-105’s? On the top of my 12 batteries I have several different 4 digit codes. Four have G24C, 3 have F04C, 1 has D1EC and 4 have C24B. This isn’t just like the explanation in post #4. Anyone have the information about how to read these codes? Wilis
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    Re: used "new" T-105's

    From the Trojan website:
    How do you read the date codes on the batteries?
    Positive Terminal- Manufacturing Date. This code indicates the actual date when mechanical assembly of the battery was completed. At this point, electrolyte has not been added to the battery and formation charging has not taken place. LETTER stands for the month and could be anything from A to L (A=January, B=February, C=March, and so on),; NUMBER stands for the date.

    Negative Terminal- Shipping Date. This code indicates the month and year when the battery was shipped out of our factory. LETTER stands for the month (see below); NUMBER is the last digit of the year.

    Example: A battery with "I26" stamped on the positive terminal and "J2" on the negative. "I26" means that the battery was assembled, without electrolyte, on September 26th. "J2" means that it was shipped from our factory around October of 2002.
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