Thoughts about a PV "Kit"

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How do some of you feel about a self contained kit like this 750 watt system:

It's available in a kit form in Jan 2010. It comes with an installation manual and everything you need to get going. It seems like it might be less expensive to purchase individual components though, right?




  • Windsun
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    Re: Thoughts about a PV "Kit"

    Hard to say on that particular kit, but since many of the other panels they have listed are priced at double what we sell them for... :blush:
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    Re: Thoughts about a PV "Kit"

    Not enough battery. At 400ah, you really only have 200ah useable. Then, there are inefficinecies and cloudy days to consider. Think about your needs first, then determine what equipment you'll need to make it happen. If you can find that in a kit fine, but you might be better off buying the individual components for a system designed to meet your exact specifications.

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    Re: Thoughts about a PV "Kit"

    That is 400 Ah at 24 volts, a reasonable battery bank for 750 watt array, I think John is speaking of the proposed use at the bottom of the page.

    This isn't the worse deal I've ever heard, really not too bad, figure cheapest available;

    750 watts of panels @$2 a watt.... $1500
    400Ah of batteries @ 24volts 4-12v 200AH $880 (guess based on 4-l16's)
    C30 Charge controller..................$100
    1500watt pureSW Invertek (never heard of, and not rated)$635
    1 "control Box" this could be anything, combiner box? DC disconnect,...

    Basically not worth what your paying, need to ask questions about UL code compliant equipment, even off grid your likely to have to install to NEC code to get a tax credit.

    Their "System capacity?" at the bottom is not realistic. at 2555 Wh of load each day, thats @2555/25 or 100 Ah at 24 volt nominal. with 750 watts of panels you'll need over 5 hours of solar isolation(not likely unless you live in the southwest) to maintain the batteries. Without some back up power, you only have backup capacity for 2 cloudy days before you'll be running the battery bank below 50% of capacity.

    BTW - they left out the load of the inverter which is likely 30 watts x 24 hours = 640 Wh so make that 1 cloudy day and 2 nights before your running the batteries below 50%.

    Batteries are a heavy item and should be purchased locally.
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    Re: Thoughts about a PV "Kit"

    That looks confusing. Under the "ASPG-750W" column, it says "PR-150WP x 5PCS" for the solar modules, but in the "Package Includes" column it says "4x185W Solar Panels." Which is it?