positive grounding

has anybody have an Idea how to do positive ground on a grid tie installation?
or does anybody know what to do when you have positive ground your panels?


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    Re: positive grounding

    The major GT Inverter Manufacturers do the "panel grounding" for you...

    Xantrex, you order the positive ground option (they stuff the ground fault detection fuse holder in a different location and probably a configuration jumper change by the factory).

    Fronius, you just move the fuse to a different holder and move a jumper or two.

    You do not "ground" the array yourself through an external jumper--this defeats the ground fault detection circuitry/detection fuse.


    PS: Check the on-line installation manuals for the GT Inverter(s) you are interested in--I am just reciting my limited understanding/from personal memory.
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    Re: positive grounding

    SMA, also. Just connect the white to the positive. (read the manual of course)
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