Refrigerator cost

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Well i hooked my Refrigerator up to my EZ kilowatt metter and it tells me it cost a little over $80.00 a year to run.

WOW i thought it would be a lot more.
It is like 10 years old.


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    Re: Refrigerator cost

    Big part also depends on how much you pay for power... $0.08 or $0.30 per kWhr...

    Near San Francisco California: 3.5kWatt Grid Tied Solar power system+small backup genset
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    Re: Refrigerator cost

    brand , model, size of fridge?

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    Re: Refrigerator cost

    Not sure where you live and how warm your house is currently but if you took a instantaneous reading in late October and assumed that would be the load over 12 months, you would most likely be low. Most folks keep the house cooler this time of year compared to the summer which is when the unit has to run harder due to the higher temp difference and the amount of humidity in the air which causes more frost to form in the interior.

    Note I am not sure on the humidity increase in load as I think the defrost on most units is based on a timer that runs whenever the compressor runs rather than an actual buildup of ice in the unit. It would still cycle more often but may not be related to humidity.
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    Re: Refrigerator cost

    $80 sounds in the ballpark.

    I have new 25 cu-ft side-by-side that averages 2.3 kW-H per day. X365 = 840 kW-hrs per year at FPL rate of $0.127/Kwh = $107 /yr for me.

    Keep the dust bunnies out of the condenser coils.
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    Re: Refrigerator cost

    450KWh / year Whirlpool.

    Green Mountain charges me $0.135 / KWh, or $61 / year.

    My system's "as built" cost for power is $0.23 / KWh, or $103.

    Old unit was about 1,200 KWh / year or more. But boy-howdy -- did it have bells and whistles!
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    Re: Refrigerator cost

    From an on-grid power cost it probably never justifies the new refridge cost.

    My motivation was during power outage, when running on batteries, the new one draws about half the power the ten year old one did (for the same 25 cu-ft size and side by side type).

    From an energy perspective the new style bottom freezer drawer probably is much better since is doesn't 'dump' the cold out like side-by-side models. But wife rules and didn't like the bottom 'tub' freezer.
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